Graduate Admissions into Modular/Sandwich Programmes for the 2020-2021 Academic Year

It is announced for the information of prospective applicants and the general public that the School of Graduate Studies is offering the under-listed sandwich/modular programmes, leading to the award of Master of Arts and Master of Science Degrees. The programmes will be run on the main University of Ghana campus, Legon, during the long vacation, normally referred to as the Third Semester –from June to August 2021. Each cohort of admitted students on these programmes will therefore study over two long vacation periods to obtain the equivalence of one academic year (or two semesters).


The following sandwich programmes are available for the 2020/2021 academic year:

a. Programmes           Department/School/Institute/Centre
MA Study of Religion              - The Study of Religion
MA Public Affairs  - Political Science
MA Contemporary English Studies       - English
MA Information Studies  - Information Studies
MA Theatre Arts     - Theatre Arts, School of Performing Arts
MA Migration Studies       - Migration Studies
MA Music    - Music
MSc GeoInformation Science   - Geography & Resource Development
MA Educational Leadership & Management  - School of Education & Leadership
MA Marketing Strategy  - Marketing & Entrepreneurship, UGBS
MA Organizational Leadership & Governance  -Organization and HRM, UGBS
MSc Accounting & Finance  -Accounting, UGBS
MSc Financial Risk Management   - Finance, UGBS
MSc. International Business  - Marketing & Entrepreneurship, UGBS
MSc. Clinical Leadership and Management  - Public Administration and Health Services, UGBS Department of French
MSc Actuarial Science   -Statistics
MSc Nursing - Nursing
MPhil Nursing   - Nursing
MPH - School of Public Health
MA Economic Policy Management - Department of Economics