Entry Requirements- Post Graduate Admissions





Masters Programmes


  1.  A good first degree, preferably second class lower or better (or a Final Grade Point Average of at least 2.0), in a relevant field of study at the University of Ghana or any recognized/accredited University.  Applicants with third class may be considered for admission based on work experience and/or other qualifications.


  • A minimum of two to three years working experience is required from all applicants desiring to pursue programmes at the University of Ghana Business School.


For more details in respect of Admission requirements, applicants are advised to contact the various Departments/Schools/Institutes/Centres for additional information on the various programmes.


  • For purposes of assessing an applicant’s eligibility, he/she may be required to take an entrance examination and/or interview at the Department/Institute/School/Centre.


  • For programmes marked with asterisks (*), all applicants are admitted into the MA/MSc programme at the first instance. Students who obtain an average of B+ or better in the first semester examinations MAY upgrade to the MPhil programme upon recommendation by the Head of Department in consultation with the Graduate Studies Committee of his/her Department.


      PhD Programmes


Applicants may apply for a PhD programme with a Masters’ degree or a very good first degree.


Applicants applying with Masters’ Degree

  • Applicants with relevant Masters’ degree from the University of Ghana or any recognized/accredited University may apply for a PhD programme.


  • Applicants applying with first degree

Applicants with very good first degree from the University of Ghana or any recognized/accredited University may apply for a PhD programme.  Such applicants, when admitted, shall be required to take first year courses of the Masters’ (Level 600) programme of their departments. They shall be required to pass all examinations in the courses.    On successful completion of the Level 600 courses and depending on their performance, they would then progress into the four-year Ph.D. programme.


All PhD programmes in the University are now fee-paying and the durations are as follows

  • Full-Time      -  Four (4) years
  • Part-Time     -  Six  (6) years