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All Senior Secondary School (SSS) candidates must meet the following requirements:

Core Subjects
Applicants must pass all the CORE subjects namely, English, Mathematics, Integrated Science and Social Studies with at least at a grade E.

Elective Subjects
Passes in three Elective Subjects shall be required. For candidates who take more than three elective subjects, the three grades to be used for the determination of the candidates' aggregate shall be determined, as far as is possible, by the intended programme of study. For admission into the School of Agriculture only General Agriculture is considered as alternative to Biology.

Minimum Aggregate
In determining eligibility for admission to degree programmes at Level 100, a candidate's aggregate score in the three core and three elective subjects shall not exceed 24. A pass in the Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination (SSSCE) or West African Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination (WASSSCE) is understood to mean a candidate's performance at grades ranging between A and E, and interpreted as follows:

A1 A 1 (Excellent)
B2 B 2 (Very Good)
B3 C 3 (Good)
C4 D 4 (Credit)
C5 D 4 (Credit)
C6 D 4 (Credit)
D7 E 5 (Pass)
E8 E 5 (Pass)
F9 F (Fail)


Senior Secondary School candidates shall be admitted into Level 100 (First Year) for the 4-Year Bachelor's Degree Programme.
  • Admission at Level 100 may be made to any of the following Colleges/Schools/Faculties: Agriculture (including Home Science), Arts, Engineering, Science, Nursing, Social Studies & Business.
  • Students intending to read Medicine and Dentistry (MB, ChB) and Dental Surgery (BDS) would be required to study Biological Science at Level 100.
  • Biology at Level 100 shall not be a pre-requisite for Biology at Level 200.