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The University attaches great importance to the cross-cultural experience that is made possible by the presence of foreign students on campus. The successful participation of international students in our courses has helped us to acquire an excellent reputation for the quality of our teaching and research and of our student care services. We pride ourselves on the attention given to the individual needs of our students, whatever their cultural backgrounds. Foreign students may pursue courses towards the award of University of Ghana degrees, or as visiting students, study for the degrees of their own universities. Foreign students may be admitted if they hold qualifications equivalent to those listed above. Evidence of a command of the English Language at the ordinary level of the GCE or its equivalent is required. There is a one-year English proficiency course (without specific entry requirements) for candidates who do not have the requisite English background.

REGULAR FOREIGN APPLICANTS (Study leading to a Degree)

The University has decided that with effect from the 2007/2008 academic year it will no longer admit applicants in possession of 'A' Level certificates issued by the West African Examinations Council

  1. West Africa Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination (WASSSCE) and equivalent qualifications whose candidates are admitted to Level 100.
    1. Required subjects for Science: English, Maths, Biology/Agriculture and Chemistry plus one Arts subject.

    2. Required subjects for Arts: English, Maths, Biology/Agriculture and any three Arts subjects.

    3. Required subjects for Engineering: English, Maths, Physics and Chemistry plus one Arts subject.

  2. Other Qualifications: Other qualifications include International Baccalaurette (IB), IGCSE, GCSE , the American Grades 12 and 13 examinations and other external qualifications which have equivalences to the SSSCE and the GCE. Candidates with external qualifications are admitted to either Level 100 or Level 200, depending on the nature of qualification and their equivalences to local qualifications.

  3. Direct entry to the next higher level is possible if a course of approved content has been taken in a recognised institution. Additional Faculty and Departmental (Subject) requirements must be satisfied.

  4. For applicants from Non-English speaking countries, evidence of proficiency in ENGLISH is required.


Interested applicants may either download the application form from the website or obtain the form from the Ghana High Commission in Abuja.

*Payment of the application fee of (US) $ 75.00 should be made at any ECOBANK Branch in Nigeria.


This operates under the principle of Academic Credit Transfer, requiring the recognition by one higher educational institution of courses, study periods and examinations which have been completed by another higher educational institution. Under this scheme, students who have completed two years of higher education at their overseas Universities are admitted to spend a third year of study at the University of Ghana under close supervision of the host institution, after which they return to complete their final year at their home university. Acceptance is normally based on the applicant's previous academic record and his/her pro-posed programme. Applicants must have an academic record that is above average. Credits earned under this special study programme are transferable. To be eligible for participation in this programme, therefore, one must have obtained a minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 3.00 on a 4.00 point scale.


Non-members of the University, already enrolled at a university, may be admitted to part of courses for up to one session/ semester, subject to the approval of the Dean of Faculty and the Head of Department concerned, and upon payment of a fee. Such persons are not eligible to take university examinations.


The University admits students who are already enrolled in other Universities, usually foreign. Such students transfer from their university to the University of Ghana to complete their course of study for a degree/diploma of the University of Ghana. A student transferring from a university to this university must accumulate a minimum study period of 4 semesters as a full time student in this university before he/she becomes eligible for graduation. The classification of the degree will be based only on the courses taken at the University of Ghana.

For the 2009/2010 academic year, the following Bachelor's Degree programmes will be available to any interested candidate, on application:

Bachelor of Arts - BA
Bachelor of Fine Arts - BFA
Bachelor of Laws* - LLB
Bachelor of Music - BMus
Bachelor of Science in Administration - BSc (Administration)
Bachelor of Science in Agriculture - BSc (Agriculture)
Bachelor of Science in Engineering - BSc (Engineering)
Bachelor of Science in Home Science - BSc (Home Science)
Bachelor of Science in the Natural Sciences - BSc
Bachelor of Science in Allied Health Sciences** - BSc
Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy - BPharm
Bachelor of Science in the Medical Sciences** - BSc (Medical Sci)
Bachelor of Dental Surgery** - BDS
Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery ** - MB ChB

*Available only to candidates who hold a Bachelor's degree from a recognized institution.
**Not available at Level 100

Senior Secondary School candidates shall be admitted into Level 100 (First Year) of the 4-Year Bachelor's Degree Programme.

  • Admission at Level 100 may be made to any of the following Colleges/ Schools/ Faculties: Agriculture (including Home Science), Arts, Engineering Sciences, Pharmacy, Science, Nursing, Social Studies, Business
  • Students intending to read Medicine and Dentistry (MB, ChB) and Dental Surgery (BDS) would be required to study Biological Science at Level 100.
  • Biology at Level 100 shall not be a pre-requisite for Biology at Level 200.
Applicants to the Faculty of Science may be admitted to any of the following subject areas:
  1. Biological Science
    Biology (Botany & Zoology), Chemistry, Physics, Psychology.
  2. Biomathematical Science
    Mathematics and Biology (Botany & Zoology) including one of the following: Chemistry, Geography & Resource Development, Physics, Psychology.
  3. Physical Science
    Chemistry, Geology, Mathematics, Physics
  4. Earth Science
    Chemistry, Geology, Mathematics, Physics
  5. Mathematical Science
    Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, Psychology, Statistics
The Faculty of Engineering Sciences runs a 4-year professional degree programme, and all applicants will be admitted at Level 100. Applicants to the Faculty of Engineering may be admitted to any of the following disciplines:
  1. Agricultural Engineering
  2. Biomedical Engineering
  3. Computer Engineering
  4. Food Process Engineering
  5. Materials Science Engineering (Ceramics Option)

All enquiries about admissions should be addressed to:

The Director (Academic Affairs Directorate)
University of Ghana,
P. O. Box LG 25,
Legon, GHANA.