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Bachelor of Science (BSc)

B.Sc. Science Subjects

If the programme you selected was B.Sc. (Science), you will need to indicate which subject area within the Faculty of Science you would like to be admitted into. You can select up to three subject areas that you wish to be considered for. These should be in order of preference since for the Faculty of Science, applicants are offered admission into only one subject area.

Applicants to the Faculty of Science may be admitted to any of the following subject areas:

i) Biological Science
Biology (Botany & Zoology), Chemistry, Physics, Psychology.

ii) Biomathematical Science
Mathematics and Biology (Botany & Zoology) including one of the following: Chemistry, Geography & Resource Development, Physics, Psychology.

iii) Physical Science

Chemistry, Geology, Mathematics, Physics

iv) Earth Science

Chemistry, Geology, Mathematics, Physics

vi) Mathematical Science

Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, Psychology, Statistics