Bachelor of Arts Bouquets (2017/2018)

History, English, Music

Sociology, Social Work, Music

Information Studies, Philosophy & Classics, Music

Political Science, English, Arabic

Psychology, Information Studies, Arabic

Sociology, Adult Education, Arabic

Political Science, Spanish, French

Economics, Geography, French

Political Science, Geography, French

Economics, Geography, Chinese

Political Science, Linguistics, Chinese

Psychology, Swahili, English

Political Science, Theatre Arts, English

Psychology, Geography, Russian

Sociology, Linguistics, Russian

Political Science, Information Studies, Russian

Geography, History, Spanish

Sociology, Social Work, Swahili

Political Science, Study of Religions, Swahili

Geography, History, Archaeology

Information Studies, History, Archaeology

Economics, Geography, Archaeology

Political Science, Philosophy & Classics, Archaeology

Sociology, French, Linguistics

History, Chinese, Linguistics

French, Spanish, Linguistics

Geography, Sociology, Linguistics

Economics, Study of Religions, Linguistics

Sociology, Study of Religions, Social Work

Economics, Study of Religions, Theatre Arts

Psychology, English, Theatre Arts

History, Spanish, Dance Studies

Geography, Political Science, Dance Studies

Economics, Philosophy & Classics, Dance Studies

Psychology, Linguistics, Adult Education

Psychology, Study of Religions, Adult Education

Mathematics, Economics, Computer Science

Psychology, Dance Studies, Information Studies

Sociology, Dance Studies, Information Studies

Mathematics, Computer Science, Information Studies

Sociology, Geography, Philosophy & Classics

Psychology, Archaeology, Philosophy & Classics

Economics, Mathematics, Philosophy & Classics

Study of Religions, Theatre Arts, Philosophy & Classics

Economics, Mathematics, Statistics,

Information Studies, Study of Religions, Philosophy & Classics